Carrot, Apple & Beet Salad with Ginger-Lime Dressing

This glowing salad is the latest way I've been enjoying beets. I keep seeing people juice carrots, apples and beets together and figured they'd just as soon make a delicious salad. I only wish I had discovered this combo sooner, because the vibrant colors would have been a hit at holiday parties.

The  natural sweetness of beets is enhanced by the carrot and apple and perfectly balanced out by the fresh and tangy lime-ginger dressing. Besides coming together in no time, this raw-food dish also offers a number of health benefits:
  • Low in calories, cholesterol and fat. High in fiber.
  • Great for heart and blood health: Contains the phytochemical compound glycine betaine from the beets. This helps lower homocysteine levels (toxic metabolite) in blood that can result in the development of coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular diseases.
  • Boosts energy: Beets are rich in B vitamins, such as niacin (B-3), pantothenic acid (B-5), pyridoxine (B-6), which play an important role in cell metabolism and helps the body unlock energy.
  • Eye health: The carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin from carrots work to protect eyes and prevent mancular degeneration.
  • Inhibits tumor growth: A diet high in carotenoids, such as alpha-carotene, have been associated with a decrease of up to 50 percent in a number of difference cancers (colon, bladder, prostate, etc.). Recent studies show these benefits are seen with as little as one carrot a day. Read more here.
  • Beets and carrots are also a good source of potassium, whichs helps couteract the detrimental effects of excessive sodium consumption, lower your heart rate and regulate your metabolism.
  • Beets are high in folate (DNA synthesis) and iron (transport oxygen to body).

Carrot, Apple & Beet Salad with Ginger-Lime Dressing
Makes approx. 4-5 cups.
Time: 10 minutes 
1 large beet, peeled
3 carrots, peeled
2 green apples
1 T. olive oil
2-inches of ginger, peeled and grated
Juice of lime
handful of parsley, finely chopped (optional)
Salt and pepper (to taste)

1. Grated carrots, beets and apple into a large ceramic or glass bowl (beets stain plastic).
2. Add lime juice, oil olive, grated ginger and parsley. Season with salt and pepper. Toss until combined.
**This salad pairs really well with almond-crusted chicken**

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