Pomegranate Rosé Summer Spritzer

I'm back at home in the good ol' US of A to celebrate my no-longer-little sister's 21st. When did she get so old!??? When did I get so old??? SOBBB. While this milestone initially left me nostalgic for years past when we all lived under one roof, it dawned on me that I have also gained a new drinking buddy. We can show up to happy hours across America and slip on cocktails. We can order margaritas and chow down on Mexican food. We can order a beer with our burgers! 

As the older, wiser sister, it was my job to pick out a drink for the family birthday bash that would good down easy with everyone. Since we were having crab cakes, it needed to be something light and refreshing. We ended up making my go-to summer drink: a rosé spritzer. Normally, I keep it super simple with a fresh, fruity rosé and some sprite. But I wanted to "kick it up a notch" to borrow Emeril's catch phrase). She is turning 21 after all. Some pomegranate juice, lemonade and fresh berries made it just that much more festive. 

Disclaimer: This drink is excessively drinkable. Luckily it doesn't have the same punch as a Long Island Ice Tea or we'd all be in trouble. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Pomegranate Rosé  Summer Spritzer


Bottle of rosé 
3/4 cup lemonade
1/3 cup 100% pure pomegranate juice 
2 handfuls of ice
1/2 cup fresh/frozen raspberries
24 oz. Sprite 
1/2 fresh/frozen blackberries
Mint sprig (optional)


1. Pour chilled wine, lemonade and juice into large pitcher. Stir to combine. Add ice.

2. Carefully pour in the Sprite so that you don't loose the effervescence. Do not mix. 

3. Top with berries. Pour into wine glasses and garnish with a few mint leaves. 


  1. Delicious drink! Perfect for a summer party. Definite hit!

  2. As the birthday girl, I approve. This drink was refreshing and festive.