Why I've Been Gone: Hospital Stay

Above is the sad, sad food I was given to eat while at the hospital.
How can anyone recover eating this? Ketchup covered noodles with a side of two desserts??!

Hospital Stay

So, while I would really like to talk about this delicious chili recipe I am about to post, I feel like I owe anyone who might follow this blog an explanation for my extended break from blogging. About a month and a half ago, I came down with what I thought was the world's worst migraine. Light hurt, sound hurt, smells hurt. Moving in any way hurt.
After laying in the dark and taking extra-strength migraine medicine did nothing, I started to worry. My head, neck and back were only getting worse. Inescapably pain with no end in sight. So I did the only thing a reasonable person would do: I consulted the trusty Internet to find out how to proceed. And low and behold, I had almost all the symptoms for meningitis – minus the fever. When my temperature suddenly skyrocketed to about 103 F, I realized I needed immediate medical attention and went to the hospital.
One spinal tap later, my suspicious were confirmed. I was hooked up to IVs day in and day out for about a week and spent another threeish weeks at home recovering.
I am now back at work and, for the most part, I am living life as I did before, but I was lucky in that I got medical assistance early on. Now for my public-service announcement: GET TO THE HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY if you have the symptoms listed here. It is a medical emergency.
If my time in the hospital did anything, it was reaffirm my belief that without our health we have nothing. I am more interested in quality of life than quantity. Sure, we now have pills and special operations and treatments that can stretch lifeout, but what good is it if we can barely move and feel terrible.
And one of the best preventative medicines we have is a healthy, balanced diet. I have missed cooking and blogging and am excited to be back again, sharing recipes!

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